Tuesday, October 19, 2010

VST Conversions' Electric BMW E30 can toast a Tesla [with Video]

Maybe I'm crazy, but aren't vintage electric conversions just so much more interesting than current electric cars? They're like old Mercedes diesels converted to biodiesel: vintage cool but using modern day tech to be efficient, clean, and (in the this case) very fast.

This green '86 BMW 3-Series E30, built by Croatia's VST Conversions, is the brainchild of Mate Rimac; he wanted to go fast in an electric car, and now he can.

After working through a few power setups, the current version of the VST "bi-moto EV" puts down 500 horsepower through the wheels and can run the quarter in 12.1. The word you're looking for is DAMN. As in "Damn, this thing is awesome."

It only helps that the car's coated in a juicy shade of green and its graphics pay homage to BMW's 1-Series ActiveE concept. Now, I can't make any sense of the parts and other jazz used, but if you can, enjoy more info and pics of the build at DIY Electric Car.

By Phil Alex

Source: DIY Electric , Via: Green.Autoblog


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