Thursday, October 14, 2010

Credo E-Bone has Funny Name, Bulbous Styling and Hydrogen Power

In the future, we will all ride around in hydrogen fueled plastic caterpillars. Or at least we will if Hungarian industrial design Peter Simon has his way. His vision for a greener public transport future is a hydrogen fuel cell - electric bus called the Credo E-Bone [is it just me, or does "E-Bone" sound like something you'd buy at an adult shop and plug into your USB port?].

The Credo E-Bone is a zero emission vehicle with a bone-like internal structure and lightweight composite plastic body. There is an electric motor driving each wheel which is presumably powered by the lithium batteries in stop-start driving and the hydrogen fuel cells on the highway. The fuel cells / batteries are stored on the roof.

For all my chiding, I do have to give Peter Simon some credit. If you square off the window- and roofline, do away with the curvy rear glass and wheel covers and replace the hydrogen fuel cells with natural gas, you come up with a very practical proposal. Not a very imaginative proposal, granted, but one that I could see on our roads within the next two to three years.

By Tristan Hankins

Source: Ecofriend , Via: Green.Autoblog


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