Friday, October 15, 2010

CLP’s BMW MR 600 GT Has Silly Name, Green Paint and 379 hp

I was never a big fan of the second generation BMW 6-Series. It was all droopy and made up of odd angles and I could never understand why you'd buy one instead of a Z4 or an M3. Now, new-to-Carscoop CLP Automotive has taken my second least favorite BMW after the X3 and supposedly tweaked it, producing the MR 600 GT.

The fluro green example pictured here features CLP's €5,990 (US$8,420) aerodynamic kit consisting of M3-style front bumper, new front and rear three-quarter panels / fenders, side skirts and a rear apron. A tailgate spoiler is €399 (US$561) extra.

For an additional €8,960 (US$12,594) you can get a set of 3-piece black alloy wheels with stainless steel trim rings. The front wheels are 9.5 x 22 inch whereas the rear are 11.5 x 22 inch, respectively wrapped in 255/30-22 and 285/25-22 high performance tires.

Also on offer are a €1,290 (US$1,813) electronic performance enhancement that pushes the 645i's output up to 379 hp (283 kw) and 490 Nm (361 lb. ft.) and a €1,599 (US$2,248) CLP muffler with quad stainless steel tailpipes. Yum.

These cosmetic and performance upgrades are said to be available across the 6-Series Coupe and Cabriolet range, though it seems a little strange that CLP is releasing this package so close to the launch of the third generation 6-Series.

I guess you have to be a German tuner to understand it.

By Tristan Hankins


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