Monday, October 11, 2010

Aston Martin Cygnet Mini Confirmed for Production, Sales Start in 2011

It's officially official; Aston Martin today confirmed that the Toyota iQ-based Cygnet luxury city car is to go into production with sales to start in 2011. The British automaker said details on pricing and specification will be announced by the end of this year. However it is believed the Cygnet will cost between £30,000-50,000 in the UK, or about US$47,500-79,000 / €34,000 -57,000 at the current exchange rates, and will initially be sold only to existing Aston customers.

Originally shown as a pre-production concept car at this year's Geneva Salon in March, the Cygnet is an Aston Martin-flavored version of the Toyota iQ city car with unique styling cues such as the front grille, bumper designs, exterior trim and alloy wheels, plus a high-luxury interior with details inspired by the automaker's supercar range.

"It is time to think differently. Aston Martin is honest and we don't make compromises" says Aston Martin CEO Dr Ulrich Bez.

"Whatever we do, we do right. If we do performance, we do performance; we don't downsize or compromise our sports cars. The Cygnet needs to satisfy the demands of emissions and space. It is a car without compromise, just like every other Aston Martin. Our customers need a small car for urban and city use, and they want the right tools for the right job, to downsize creatively without compromising intelligence, artistry and personality."

Dr Bez added: "The Cygnet is designed to support our sports cars by providing a greater degree of freedom in the urban context; it is a very special car, a premium but compact package with heart, soul and personality. This car is reality; Cygnet is the natural choice for those who want a premium, bespoke commuter car."

The baby Aston Martin will be built at the company's Gaydon headquarters in Warwickshire, with the base Toyota iQs being imported to the UK from Japan. It is expected that the three-meter long (117.5-in.) Cygnet will keep the iQs 1.33-liter four-cylinder petrol engine with 98-horsepower, hooked up to a 6-speed manual or an optional CVT.


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