Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Many Faces of the Solar Chariot

I have seen this solar chariot in many outfits during the past three years at Maker Fair first as George Bush the "American Gladiator", then Arnold Schwarzenegger as the "Solinator" and last year as Barack Obama as the "Obama Bot". I am sure I will be seeing the solar chariot again this year as who knows what.

Bob Schneeveis has a science and engineering associate at Stanford’s department of neurobiology, and is responsible for building this robot charioteer to test out the efficiency of legs versus wheels. The experiment was successful, as the charioteer moves alarmingly fast, with emanating metallic chunking noises that you’d expect from a robotic biped. Bob charges his charioteer using solar panels along with his other vehicle a sparrow that he uses to go about his daily business.

Arnold as the Solinator
Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Solinator
by skuarua
Barack Obama as the Obama Bot
 Barack Obama as the Obama Bot
by Stephen Bowline
George Bush the
American Gladiator

George Bush the American Gladiator
by dtweney

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